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‘Love is in the air…’

Who was the Valentine who became a saint?

Valentine was a priest and physician in Rome who lived in the third century. He was put to death by Roman Emperor Claudius II on 14 February 269 because he would not stop proselytizing and marrying people, and these practices were banned by the emperor.

Just over two hundred years later, Pope Gelasius I declared Valentine a martyr, therefore a saint, and set the date as a Christian feast.

It has been purported that while in jail, Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter and that before going to his death he left her a sweet note which was signed ‘From your Valentine’. This is a lovely tale that cannot be proven but is at the origins of this worldwide celebration.

Since then, traditions have evolved and some celebrate with cards, chocolates, wine, flowers, or jewellery.

So, if you are still reading this and haven’t yet found the right present for your loved one, why not consider Respite Tea as a gift.

The spices contained in the tea will enchant the heart of the drinker, as some of the fruit and spices in the Respite Tea blends are considered having aphrodisiac virtues.

Ginger - legend has it that the famous French courtesan Madame du Barry served ginger to all of her lovers to increase their desire and improve their pleasure. For centuries, ginger has been considered an aphrodisiac because it stimulates the circulatory system. Our DREAMS blend has 0.43g of ginger in a 2g teabag.

Cinnamon - is one of the oldest aphrodisiac spices. Nicknamed the seductress, it is credited with many legends, in particular that of entering into the composition of love potions. Rich in fibre, it is also one of the most antioxidant spices.

Apple – from being considered the ‘forbidden fruit’ in the story of the Garden of Eden in the Bible, to being considered an aphrodisiac, apples still play their part in day-to-day vocabulary. A term such as ‘apple of one’s eye’ is still being used to describe the ‘most cherished’. Our comforting blend SMOOTH contains 1.73g of apple.

Chilli – or capsaicin, the active component in chilli, is known to boost testosterone levels and increase libido. Our WARM blend which contains 0.20g of chilli will certainly provide a warm feeling and a spicy kick.

So, ‘All you need is love’ and no matter how you celebrate love today, remember Everyone needs a respite. Happy Valentine's Day!

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