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Our consumer favourite blend! Enjoy the thermogenic benefits of our Warm.

Respite Tea WARM

SKU: 0002
  • INGREDIENTS: Peppermint (70%), chilli (20%), bitter leaves (10%).


    Our special blend of bitter leaves with chili and peppermint provides a delicious brew with a spicy kick. Its unusual flavour makes it our consumer favourite. Enjoy a full-bodied taste experience!
    20 teabags per box.


    GOOD TO KNOW:  The women who cultivate our bitter leaves and herbs are generously compensated. We empower them so that they can help support their families in poor communities across Nigeria. 

    • 40g of natural goodness per pack (20 tea bags).
    • 100% natural. No artificial flavourings or colour.
    • 100% hand packed with care and love from us to you.
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