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       from a dream to reality...      

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Most cultures have plants they use for herbal and fruit infusions, herbal teas or tisanes.  


One such plant that has been used for centuries in Nigeria is Vernonia amygdalina, commonly known as bitter leaf.


Bitter leaf has been enjoyed fresh or dried for making hot vegetable soups and fresh green salads, blended as smoothies or simply soaked in hot water as a warm brew.


A most vivid memory of growing up was watching our grandmother work through the process of picking, cleaning, drying and steaming the leaves to extract the juice from the plant, ready for us to have as a wonderful brew.


As part of the global Nigerian diaspora, we found that it was a little more difficult to go through the traditional process just to enjoy a refreshing drink. We, therefore, chose to package the leaves in a teabag to make it a whole lot easier to enjoy our brew. And, that is how Respite Tea was born. 


In addition to our 100% bitter leaf herbal infusion, we have developed four more variants blending fruits and spices to suit every palate.

We hope you enjoy our blends.


To share your stories about our infusions, please talk to us.

Ngozi & Kate

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