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Ngozi and Kate - Respite Tea founders



       from a dream to reality...      

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Having suffered from our teenage years into adulthood with inflammatory ailments, my sister and I went on a personal quest to find a daily holistic and natural remedy. We finally found the solution, in Nigeria, on a journey back to our roots.

As endometriosis is a hereditary ailment, the women of our ancestry shared with us the secret of the miraculous bitter leaf – a plant that grows wild in forests.

It was a difficult drink to swallow, but it relieved our symptoms. So, over the last few years, we have experimented with natural flavours that are palatable, but also give the remarkable healthful bonuses we discovered.


We wanted other women to experience the same relief and healthful benefits we experienced, and now we have the privilege of sharing these teas with you.

If after experiencing our products, you would like to share your stories, please talk to us.

We hope you enjoy our teas.

Ngozi & Kate

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