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Orange – the fruit that keeps giving

Oranges and orange peels have their usage around the home.

Make a pomander

For centuries herbalists used pomanders, mixtures of fragrant, dried herbs in cloth bags or perforated boxes, to ward off illness or bring strength and good fortune.

The word “pomander” derives from the French pomme d’ambre, meaning “apple of amber”, a reference to the round shape of the object and the occasional addition of ambergris, an aged substance from the bile duct of a sperm whale.

Others take the phrase to mean “apple of amber” or “golden apple,” as in the fragrant citrus fruits exchanged during holidays for good luck.

Nowadays, a pomander is more often than not an orange studded with cloves and other spices. These make for popular gifts during Christmas and New Year. Many people make this type of pomander today in order to scent their homes and clothing.

Easy way to make a pomander

  • Use a toothpick to poke holes in an orange.

  • Fill the holes with whole cloves.

  • Then cook it over low heat for an hour or until it hardens.

  • Once cool, decorate it and hang a ribbon to hang it up.

  • Ideal to perfume your room, the bathroom or even the toilets.

Prevent brown sugar from hardening

Does your brown sugar always harden up? Orange peels can easily fix this problem. Just put an orange peel or two in the sugar container and leave for a couple of hours. Remove the peel(s) and you will find your brown sugar is all soft again.

All-purpose cleaner

If you do not like the chemical found in commercial cleaners, then make your own with orange peels. Half fill a jar with orange peels and the remaining half with white vinegar. Let it sit for two or more weeks, ideally in a dark area. Remove the peels and pour the liquid in a spray bottle, et voilà!

Shine glassware

Thanks to the citric acid contained in orange peels, these can also help you to clean your glassware. Just soak your glassware in a sink, or bowl, full of warm water and orange peels. Let it soak for approximately 5 minutes, then wash it and you will have shiny glassware.

Repel cats

If cats pester your garden, then an orange peel is an excellent cat repellent. It is easy to make as all you need is some cut up orange peels. The bigger the area you want to protect, the more peels you should cut up. Then just sprinkle those peels around your garden. Cats will smell the citrus and decide to stay away.


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