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Your body deserves goodness

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The medicinal properties of bitter leaf are very widely known in sub-Saharan Africa. One of the many secrets passed on by grandparents has been forgotten in the frenzy of modern living. These healing qualities are derived from the many micro-nutrients that are important for the maintenance of human health and prevention of various diseases. In Nigeria, bitter leaf is one of the most common remedies for tummy aches and period cramps.

All you needed to do is to chew the tender stem of the plant, like a chewing stick, and swallow the bitter fluid; the ache will stop within a few minutes. Miraculous!

For the cosmopolitan sufferer, chewing on a bitter stick may not be so stylish. So, Respite Tea has stepped in to bring mother nature’s remedy to you in a teabag.

Although the benefits for women are always touted, especially for fertility and weight loss, there is growing evidence to suggest that the powerful antioxidant properties found in bitter leaf help with prostate health.

Men are notorious for not listening to their bodies, and what better way to keep hypertension and diabetes away than by drinking a cup of bitter leaf tea a day!

Regardless of your gender, why not try drinking bitter leaf teas? Not only is it good for your health, but it is delicious as well!

When choosing an herbal tea, why not consider a blend with peppermint and chili for its anti-inflammatory properties? Our Respite Tea Warm is our customer favourite and provides an extra dimension to your infusion.

So, be kind to yourself and why not visit Respite Tea to find out all our blends. And, what’s more... postage is free in the UK.

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