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Simple, Natural, Sustainable and Delicious

Women are powerful. We are usually the main providers of food and drink for families through the shopping and preparation, and overall we make more than three quarters of all family health care decisions. We care for the bodies and minds of the people we love and for others in our communities, and we have opportunities to create the harmony and balance we and our families need to thrive, live well and interact positively with our environment. Holistic health outcomes involve nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, all of which impact not only ourselves but also our planet and all of which are historically promoted and managed by women.

Mindfulness Matters

So, women's health matters for women, for families, for our communities, for the environment. When women thrive the community thrives, when women fail to thrive the community suffers. Stress, digestive problems, sleep problems, depression and anxiety, menstrual difficulties - I know from experience that these can be both caused and alleviated by the products that go into our bodies. Deliberate and mindful self-care empowers us to flourish, to choose to be kind to ourselves, and a by-product of that is the chance to be kind to our environment and to the people who produce what we consume. Women are at the forefront of the means to do exactly that, and we understand women's health. What we want are simple, natural, sustainable remedies.

What does Respite Tea do?

When things are mindfully produced that philosophy does not stop at the product, it embraces the people who produce it and the environment in which it grows. It is the absolute definition of holistic: body, mind, planet, people.

Respite Tea does all of this. Tasty healthy teas that are produced by women who care and who understand from their own experience what is needed. Teas that in their production look after the growers and are mindful of the need to protect the planet. Natural remedies for healthy body, mind and habitat, created and delivered by women who have literally gone the extra mile. Travelling to Nigeria and exploring the traditional and natural remedies embedded there, experimenting with flavours to ensure good taste too, and who want to

share that with us because they know how important women's health is for the planet. The guaranteed natural quality of the teas means fewer side effects and an assurance that we are helping and not harming. Respite Teas provide the simple, natural, sustainable remedies we want. They come in several varieties from the vibrant to the mellow and help with a range of complaints from insomnia to stress, from inflammatory ailments to overall health benefits, all while providing the thermogenic benefits of the original bitter leaf.

When we eat and drink clean and healthy ethically produced fare we are treating our whole selves: our bodies, our balance and our mindfulness. We deserve that opportunity. Respite Teas, handpicked and wholly natural, give that to us with the bonus of responsible creation and absolute deliciousness.

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