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Respite Tea celebrates April and the springtime renewal

April is on us and who says April means spring. But what is the origin of this month?

April gets its name from the Latin aprilis or mensis aprilis and was attributed by the Romans in honour of the goddess Aphrodite. There are a few interesting facts about this month that can be accessed on Wikipedia. The etymology behind the word ‘April’ comes from the verb ‘aperire’, which means ‘to open. It is believed the word refers to the season when trees and flowers begin to ‘open’ or bloom.

In Europe, April means the end of winter, the awakening of nature and the anticipation of warmer weather. This long awaited period has, throughout the ages, inspired poets from Blake, Gerard Manley Hopkins to Christina Rossetti whose poems are all entitled Spring and from The Bard to Lord Tennyson, Sara Teasdale to Billy Collins, to name but a few, who delight us with the beauty of nature, a sense of revival and new optimism.

Today and every day, Respite Tea helps you celebrate spring with five amazing flavours offering the benefits of bitter leaf, herbs and fruit to revitalise you after the long and bleak winter days. Bitter leaf teas are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals that help detoxify the whole body and improve the immune system.

So today, why not try…

COOL - our bitter leaf, lemon and Pai Mu Tan blend that is full of antioxidants which fight off free radicals and may have some role in the anti-ageing process, thus refreshing your inner glow.

DREAMS – our bitter leaf, hibiscus flower ginger and orange blend packed with vitamins and antioxidants will help revitalise your body, as well as reduce the effects of stress.

PURE – our 100% organic bitter leaf tea. All the benefits of bitter leaves in your cup.

SMOOTH – our flavoursome bitter leaf, apple and cinnamon blend will help overcome sweet cravings if you are looking to lose a few winter-gained pounds.

WARM –this bitter leaf, chilli and peppermint blend will give a kick to your metabolism and give you a springlike warmth.

Happy springtime to all from your favourite Respite Tea team.


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