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Renew. Restore...get some respite in 2021

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

I am thankful that I made it to 2021, however as no one is guaranteed tomorrow I have had to take control of my today. The previous year was a challenge for me, as with many others, I felt helpless and trapped, so making some changes have helped me feel more in control.

Taking control for me was making better choices about my health and well-being. I have exercised that control by taking time to read and become knowledgeable of what I put in my body. I had always known that herbal teas were good, but a fad non-the-less, until I discovered Respite Tea.

Now, it appears most people of West African origin know the benefits of bitter leaves as it is used in traditional homeopathic remedies. If there was ever a super-vegetable, then this was certainly it as they claimed it cured everything from malaria to infertility!

If you are unfamiliar with West African bitter leaves, please do some research to know more about this vegetable. It cleanses, detoxes and restores your system in ways that can only be described as miraculous.

But the anecdotes aside, this is an established remedy to many in Western Africa, and people swear by it. So, I asked myself, rather than more toxins in my body, why not try an African remedy? Why would I think the herbal teas from H&B more efficacious than this? And so, I made my first purchase of Warm as recommended by the website .

I’m now a firm advocate and loyal customer because I have been using PURE and WARM for the last 3 months. My bloating and aches have significantly subsided. I have indeed got some respite to the constant pain that was my everyday.

Using the teas and changing my diet has been my turning point for better well-being as I look forward to 2021. Try it and let it change your life too.



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