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Drink to Your Health: the Not-So-Secret, but Rarely Spoken About, Benefits of Bitter Leaf Tea

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The health benefits of drinking chamomile, peppermint or green teas, for example, are well-known and talked about. A variety of herbal tea brands can be easily found on the shelves of most high street supermarkets and health food shops. However, how many women in the UK know about the incredible benefits of drinking bitter leaf tea?

Inflammatory Ailments

From teenage years into adulthood, the Respite Tea team have suffered from endometriosis, a hereditary inflammatory ailment attacking the female reproductive system. Symptoms of endometriosis can be as varied as mild irritation to chronic pelvic pain. Traditional medicine may offer some pain relief, along with hormone therapy and at the severe end of the scale, surgery. However, alternative treatments can effectively alleviate some symptoms and are not as often spoken about or shared.

Back to the beginning…

In a quest to find a holistic and natural solution to our symptoms, we returned to our roots in Abatete, Nigeria, and spoke to the women in our family. They too, suffered similar symptoms and shared with us the secret of drinking healthy tea. This daily remedy has been passed down from our ancestors. And it's a remedy that is now something we are passionate about sharing with other women across the world.

The bitter leaf herb

The herb Vernonia amygdalina, commonly known as bitter leaf, grows as a small shrub, although it can reach the lofty heights of over five metres! Indigenous to Africa, its bark is brown or grey with a rough and flaky texture. However, the dark green leaves are where the plant's incredible properties lie.

Using dried leaves steeped in boiling water, we drank the infusion daily. As the name would suggest, it was literally a difficult drink to swallow. But it relieved our symptoms and over the last few years we have begun to experiment with different flavours to make the bitter taste more palatable, while maintaining the remarkable health benefits we discovered.

One of the main benefits we found is that it helped to dramatically reduce inflammation. Bear in mind, this is no overnight 'easy fix' - but we definitely experienced a change, and it made some of the more aggressive symptoms more tolerable.

Respite Tea = Healthy Tea

Our original PURE brew is made from 100% organic bitter leaves packed with antioxidants and thermogenic goodness. This is a must-have for a daily detox. From there we added Respite Tea COOL, a special blend of bitter leaves with lemon balm and white tea which aids stress reduction.

Our SMOOTH blend aids a healthy diet with the flavours of apple and cinnamon, while WARM excites the senses with flavours of chilli and peppermint. Designed to be enjoyed daily to promote good sleep, our blend of hibiscus, ginger and orange creates a super brew packed with antioxidants to revitalise and revive in our DREAMS blend. If you can’t decide, we have a TryMe variety pack!

The underlying healthy goodness exists within all of our various blends - with and extra kick or added flavour and additional benefits too. Whichever blend you choose, we drink to your health!

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