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Drink more fluid to prevent dehydration!

Two-thirds of our body consists of water, with nearly 70% contained in the cells, 20% in the space surrounding the cells, and a little less than 10% in the bloodstream. Therefore, fluid is essential for maintaining the health of the body.

When the amount of water consumed matches the amount excreted, the water reserves in our body are well balanced.

The NHS Eatwell Guide recommends that people should drink around six to eight glasses of fluid a day to maintain fluid balance and to protect themselves against some complications. This amount includes water, tea, coffee, lower-fat milk, and sugar-free drinks.

Dehydration can occur when the body's water supply is insufficient. If the brain and kidneys are functioning properly, the body can adapt to a change in water intake. It is usually possible to drink enough water to make up for the normal water losses experienced during a day. However, it may be difficult to do so if you are vomiting, have severe diarrhoea, exposed to excessive heat or feverish.

Dehydration is a condition found more commonly in the elderly, infants and children. Older people are less inclined to feel thirsty, so they may not recognise their dehydration and thus not drink enough fluids. Infants and young children lose proportionately more fluids when experiencing diarrhoea than adults and older children.

Our bitter leaf teas are perfect companions to all weather and will help prevent dehydration. They can be savoured hot or iced depending on your preferences. Find out more about our tea blends.


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