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Natural Ways to Ease Inflammation

The body can become inflamed as a natural response to injury as well as a reaction to certain foods, allergies and intolerances. This type of inflammation can cause prolonged health problems and severe cases can be linked to ailments including Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, some cancers and heart disease.

Treating inflammation naturally can help prevent ill health and there are several herbs and spices which can help and act as an effective treatment too.


The strong yellow colour of turmeric has long been used to reduce inflammation and help with the treatment of digestion issues, as well as infections. Turmeric can be added to many foods, as well as to fresh juice and can also act as an antioxidant.

Green tea

Green tea has become increasingly popular over recent years due to its preventative properties which can help fight cardiovascular disease and treat conditions linked to arthritis. It is also effective at reducing irritation in the body’s digestive system.

Chilli peppers

There are several different types of chilli pepper and it is the chemical capsaicin which makes it fiery hot! As well as spicing up a variety of foods, capsaicin is often used as an ingredient in anti-inflammatory treatments. Chilli can also be found in teas such as Respite Tea Warm blend, which can help with weight loss.

Black pepper

This everyday spice has been shown to act as a pain reducer as well as reduce inflammation. More commonly used as a flavour enhancer, black pepper is also good for you.


Rosemary has been shown to have one of the best anti-inflammatory properties out of many everyday herbs - even a small amount sprinkled on top of food can benefit the body, while adding flavour and aroma to everyday dishes.


Cloves are especially effective at reducing redness in the mouth and throat and have been used as a remedy for oral ailments such as toothache for many years. Cloves can also be given as a treatment for nausea.


Ginger is another spice which has seen a huge rise in popularity over recent years and is often added to drinks and smoothies, or sold in a ‘shot’ form. Ginger is a popular ingredient in hot drinks such as Respite Tea Dreams blend which can help with sleep. As well as an effective anti-inflammatory treatment, ginger can also help with nausea associated with travel sickness, pregnancy and chemotherapy.


The warming spice cinnamon can be added to many dishes including cereals and desserts. This anti-inflammatory spice can aid healthy brain function and also be used in hot drinks such as Respite Tea Smooth blend.

Using herbs and spices as part of an everyday diet can keep you healthy as well as help control certain health conditions which affect our everyday lives.

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