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Amazing facts about Pai Mu Tan or White Peony tea

Pai Mu Tan (also called Bai Mudan) or White Peony tea originates from Fujian – a south-eastern Chinese province famous for its white tea culture. It belongs to the Camellia sinensis species. Pai Mu Tan tea is made of the delicate petals of the White Peony and is characterised by its tender, downy–white leaves. It is only harvested on dry days from mid-March to early April.

Pai Mu Tan is a white tea, so named because these teas are very lightly ‘oxidised’ or fermented.

Vitamins and minerals

White Peony contains antioxidants, caffeine, L-theanine, chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins and other compounds, such as catechins, which are plant compounds with antioxidant properties.

Health benefits of Pai Mu Tan

White teas such as Pai Mu Tan tea have health benefits, and antioxidant properties thanks to the high level of polyphenols (catechins) they contain and which protect the cells from damage by free radicals as well as boost the immune system. White tea also may help towards inflammation, pain, and diabetes.

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